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Australian reality TV shows in 2024: most anticipated

Gladiators, Made in Bondi and FBOY Island S2 are among the Australian reality shows we're excited about in 2024.


Gold Diggers' Danielle Walker: 'I found a rat in a stump on set'

Danielle Walker takes her first foray into acting as Marigold Brewer, a gold-digging, cat fishing pauper from 1850s Victoria in…


Marc Fennell faces his Pentecostal past in The Kingdom: 'it was quite weird and uncomfortable'

Journalist Marc Fennell delves into new territory in his latest SBS doco The Kingdom, which means opening up about his…


Aunty Donna: 'Improv is a bit like tomato sorbet and anchovy toast'

The Aunty Donna trio sat down to talk about their ABC series Coffee Café, why they aim for divisiveness in…


Australian TV drama and comedy in 2023: most anticipated

From Boy Swallows Universe, to Ten Pound Poms, to Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe, here are some of the local shows…


SBS' Latecomers smashes stereotypes of dating with a disability

The latest series to come out of SBS' Digital Originals initiative is a sexy, funny, and poignant comedy about dating…


What the dog? Why Bluey is censored in the US

There's been a bit of outrage recently over the fact that Bluey is censored overseas ... is Disney barking up…

House of Alexander 2021. Image: supplied

The Alexander Ball on SBS – watch and learn

Voguing has recently had a bit of a viral moment, and this documentary about the ballroom scene in Australia will…


True Colours' Erica Glynn: 'Let's not be polite about this, let's keep going!'

True Colours is a four part true-crime drama about a small Indigenous community and the suspicious accident that ties them…


Meet the Penguins: 6 things I learnt from the ABC's new documentary

From battling seals and water rats to surviving the 1980s, the Australian little penguin is full of surprises.

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