Chupa on Netflix – cheat sheet

It's amazing what you can find in your grandpa's shed – rusty Allen keys, dodgy calendars, blood-sucking mythical creatures.

Sell it to me

While visiting his family in Mexico, a teenager calle Alex gains an unlikely companion when he discovers a young chupacabra hiding in his grandpa’s shed. In order to save the mythical creature, Alex and his cousins must embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

A what-now?

Chupacabra literally means ‘goat-sucker’ (with the ‘suck’ in this case being of the blood-sucking vampire variety). It’s a legendary South American creature, whose first reported sighting was in Puerto Rico in 1995. It has been decribed variously as ‘dog-like’, ‘reptilian’, the size of a ‘small bear’ and ‘spine covered’.

Artist’s impression of the chupacabra. Image: Wiki Commons.

Who’s in it?

Christian Slater, Demián Bichir, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Evan Whitten, Ashley Ciarra.

Sounds kinda scary

It’s rated PG and the baby chupacabra looks like a goegeous bear cub, or larger-than-average cat … maybe a bit of both. And it does have sharp claws and could probably eat you … but its face is cute.

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Is this is chupacabra’s first outing on film?

Far from it. In the horror film Indigenous (2014) the chupacabra is the main baddie. It has also turned up in TV shows such as The X-Files, Workaholics, The Imperfects and many others.

Is there a trailer?

When can I watch it?

Chupa premieres on Netflix on 7 April 2023.

Do say

¡Hola, chupacabra! ¿Cómo estás, amigo?

Don’t say

Just heading to the servo for some Chupa Chups, won’t be long.