Carnifex author alleges new film and game were produced without rights

Indie author Matthew J. Barbeler has alleged new projects infringe on his copyright, while the film producers say this is wrong.
australian game mighty kingdom carnifex barbeler

Independent author Matthew J. Barbeler has alleged the upcoming film Carnifex, which is also being adapted into a video game by South Australian developer Mighty Kingdom, is an unlicensed work that takes direct inspiration from his original property – a horror novel also titled Carnifex, released in 2016. The producers of Carnifex (the film) strenuously deny these claims.

Barbeler’s Carnifex is a horror story set in the Australian outback, described as Jurassic Park meets Wolf Creek. In the novel, a team of five tourists go exploring in bushland, only to stumble ‘into the hunting grounds of a predator long thought extinct.’

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Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.