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Your guide to what's new to stream across all platforms, from 10 to 16 June 2024 in Australia.
The Boys Season 4. Prime

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New to streaming 10 to 16 June in Australia


RevealedOtto by Otto (16 June)

Barry Otto Stan
Barry Otto in ‘The Kreutzer Sonata’ play for State Theatre SA. From Revealed: Otto by Otto. Stan.

Inspired to make an intimate family portrait, Gracie Otto directs this feature-length Stan Original Documentary about her father, Barry Otto, whose career in Australian theatre, film and television has spanned more than 50 years. Featuring interviews with Barry’s collaborators, the film takes audiences on a journey through Australia’s theatre industry in the 70s and 80s.

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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman – Season 5 (12 June)

Dave sits down with Grammy winner Miley Cyrus and basketball icon Charles Barkley for a fresh set of revealing interviews about their lives and careers.

Bridgerton – Season 3, Part 2 (13 June)

Netflix Bridgerton S3.
Nicola Coughlan in Bridgerton – Season 3. Image: Netflix

As a new crop of debutantes yearns to become the brightest of the ball, a wallflower with a double life finds her light amid secrets and surprises.

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Parasite (15 June)

Film. One by one, the crafty members of a destitute family insinuate themselves into the household staff of a wealthy couple living in oblivious privilege. The Oscar-winning 2019 film is directed by Bong Joon Ho.

Taken (15 June)

Film. When his daughter is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers while vacationing in Paris, a former spy must pull out all the stops to save her. Stars Liam Neeson.

The Fault in Our Stars (15 June)

Film. Two teens meet at a cancer support group, and together they face the challenge of building a relationship under the shadow of terminal illness.


Dumb Money (10 June, also Prime Video)

Film. David vs. Goliath tale about everyday people who flipped the script on Wall Street and got rich by turning GameStop (the video game store) into the world’s hottest company.

Raise on Dance Moms: The Reunion (12 June)

The iconic cast of Dance Moms is back with the dancers from the show reuniting ‘to talk about the good, bad and everything else in between’ for the Dance Moms Reunion in 2024.

Prime Video

Dumb Money (10 June, also Binge)

Film. David vs. Goliath tale about everyday people who flipped the script on Wall Street and got rich by turning GameStop (the video game store) into the world’s hottest company.

Mob Land (10 June)

Film (2023). Deep in the heart of Dixie, in a small town struggling with the ravages of addiction, a local sheriff (John Travolta) tries to maintain the peace when desperate family man Shelby robs a pill mill with his reckless brother-in-law, Trey.

The Boys – Season 4 (13 June)

A fun and irreverent take on what happens when superheroes – who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians, and as revered as gods – abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. Starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr.


How Music Got Free (12 June)

Eminem In How Music Got Free. Image: Paramount+
Eminem in How Music Got Free. Image: Paramount+

Music documentary series.from executive producers Marshall ‘Eminem’ Mathers and LeBron James detailing the fascinating, and often funny, inside story of the technology-driven disruption that changed music during the late-90s and early-2000s.

She Said (15 June)

Film (2022). Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan star as New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor, who together broke one of the most important stories in a generation – a story that helped propel the #Metoo movement, shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in Hollywood.

Apple TV+

Presumed Innocent (12 June)

Thriller series starring Jake Gyllenhaal as chief deputy prosecutor Rusty Sabich. A gripping journey through the horrific murder that upends the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney’s office when one of its own is suspected of the crime. Stars Ruth Negga, Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel, Peter Sarsgaard, O-T Fagbenle and Renate Reinsve.

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Under the Bridge (12 June)

Miniseries based on author Rebecca Godfrey’s book about the 1997 true story of fourteen-year-old Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta) who went to join friends at a party and never returned home. Through the eyes of Godfrey (Riley Keough) and a local police officer (Lily Gladstone), the series takes us into the hidden world of the young girls accused of the murder — revealing startling truths about the unlikely killer.


In The Kitchen with Harry Hamlin (12 June)

In The Kitchen With Harry Hamlin. Image: Amc+
In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin. image: AMC+

Hosted by actor, writer and entrepreneur Harry Hamlin (Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches) and his niece, Renee Guilbault, a classically trained chef. They share favorite recipes, practical kitchen tips and secrets to a successful dinner party, and each week they welcome a variety of guests from across the pop culture spectrum into the Hamlin’s kitchen.


Married to a Psychopath – Season 1 (11 June)

Documentary series. A never-before-told story of how rural detective Charles Henry used his spare time to hunt down and bring Malcolm Webster – a ruthless killer who targeted wealthy women – to justice.

Here We Go – Season 2 (13 June)

Comedy series. Season 2 gives an update on the chaotic lives of the Jessop family. Optimistic mother Rachel tries to keep the family on track, as her husband (a former Olympic archer) attempts to put his ego aside and navigate his self-esteem issues. Uncle Robin and daughter Amy continue to struggle with their love lives, and grandmother Sue is threatening to move in. Starring Alison Steadman, Jim Howick, and Katherine Parkinson.


Helicopter Warfare (10 June)

Featuring stories from the Vietnam, Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Helicopter Warfare tells the stories of some of the most daring helicopter missions of all time.

Stop Making Sense (4K) (13 June)

Newly restored in 4K to coincide with its 40th anniversary, the 1984 film was directed by renowned filmmaker Jonathan Demme and is considered by many to be the greatest concert film of all time.

The Art of Silence (13 June)

The first feature-length documentary about Marcel Marceau and his work, which inspired and accompanied several generations of artists.

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SBS on Demand

Tiny Beautiful Things (10 June)

Eight-part dramedy series based on the best-selling collection by Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things is about a woman, Clare (Kathryn Hahn), who becomes a revered advice columnist when her own life is falling apart.

Forged In Fire – Season 9 (10 June)

Six-part documentary series where four master bladesmiths are challenged to re-create some of history’s most iconic edged weapons. A panel of judges will test the weaponry, and the final contestant to survive elimination will win the title of champion.

Unbroken (11 June)

Crime series. Heavily pregnant Chief Inspector Alex Enders (Aylin Tezel) goes on maternity leave and suddenly disappears. She wakes up a week later, bloodied, her baby gone, and with no memory of the birth.

Dark Side Of The Ring – Season 5 (11 June)

Professional wrestling is the only sport whose stars live in two worlds, balancing their in-ring characters with real life. Dark Side of the Ring examines the complex intersections of fantasy and reality while uncovering wrestling’s dark, untold history.

Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger (12 June)

Australian docu-series. Award-winning filmmaker and journalist Tim Noonan investigates the ultimate wildlife mystery to find out if the world’s rarest, most elusive animal – the Tasmanian Tiger – is gone for good or just very good at playing hide and seek.

Fly With Me (12 June)

Sbs On Demand, Come Fly With Me.
Delta stewardess graduation class, Atlanta, July 1944, featured in Fly with Me. Image: SBS.

Docu-series telling the story of the pioneering women who became flight attendants at a time when single women were unable to order a drink, eat alone in a restaurant, own a credit card or get a prescription for birth control. The job offered unheard-of opportunities for travel and independence.

Hugh’s Three Good Things (SBS Food) (12 June)

Cooking series. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wants to introduce you to a brilliant way of cooking that gives you maximum taste and creativity with minimum fuss. It all boils down to a blissfully simple formula … when it comes to great cooking, three turns out to be a magic number.

Masters Of Taste with Gary Mehigan (SBS Food) (12 June)

Cooking series. Join celebrated chef Gary Mehigan as he travels India to celebrate its complex and delicious flavours, seeking trendsetting restaurants and chefs making their mark in the national food scene.

Watandar, My Countryman (12 June)

Australian documentary. In 2015 photographer and Human Rights Activist Muzafar Ali is resettled in Australia, and becomes the first in five generations of his family to no longer be a refugee. When he discovers that Afghans have been in Australia for 160 years, he’s compelled to photograph the stories of their descendants. Then, on August 15th 2021, the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

Coach (13 June)

Icelandic drama, eight-part series. Years after burning out and falling from grace, a middle aged, 90s handball legend seeks to redeem himself by returning to his childhood club to coach the women’s
team, where he clashes with a new generation of women in a post #MeToo society.

The Fortress (13 June)

Seven-part dystopian thriller series. In 2037, the inhabitants of Norway enjoy sheltered lives in a self-sufficient Nordic paradise. Having chosen to sever all ties with the rest of the world, and surrounded by
an enormous wall, the fortunate inhabitants enjoy a life of well-being and safety. But when there’s an outbreak of a fatal disease, they soon find themselves trapped behind the wall built to protect them.

Big Zuu Goes To Mecca (14 June)

Documentary. Double BAFTA-winning TV chef and rapper, Big Zuu makes a pilgrimage to Mecca on a personal spiritual journey to try and understand more about his faith and what it means to be ‘a good Muslim’.

Sundown (15 June)

Film (2021). A wealthy man is vacationing with loved ones at a resort in Acapulco, Mexico until he receives a phone call. There’s been a death in the family, everyone must return home, and simmering
tensions begin to rise. Directed and written by Michel Franco, starring Tim Roth, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Breaking News In Yuba County (16 June)

Film (2021). A woman takes advantage of her growing celebrity status when the police and the public
think her dead husband is just missing. Directed by Tate Taylor, starring Allison Janney, Mila
Kunis, Regina Hall.

WWE Legends – Season 2 (16 June)

Nine-part series. Discover the intimate, personal stories behind the success of some of WWE’s most memorable legends and events. Through rare archival footage and in-depth interviews, the series explores a different legend and their immense impact in the WWE universe and on pop culture.

ABC iview

Ladies In Black – Series 1 (Sunday, 16 June, premieres 8.30pm)

Six-part Australian drama series set in Sydney, 1961. The women who work in Goodes ladieswear department face tumultuous lives navigating societal shifts and personal challenges amidst the fashion transformation of the sixties. Starring Debi Mazar, Miranda Otto, Claire Hughes. Jessica De Gouw and Azizi Donnelly.

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