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Your guide to what's new to stream across all platforms, from 17 to 23 June 2024 in Australia.
House of the Dragon Season 2. Image: HBO/Binge

Here are the highlights of what’s new to streaming on Australian providers this week. Looking for our monthly guide? Head over here.

New to streaming 17 to 23 June in Australia


Hotel Cocaine (17 June)

Series following Roman Compte (Danny Pino), a Cuban exile and general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, in the glamorous epicentre of the Miami cocaine scene of late ‘70s and early ‘80s. At the centre of it all was Compte, who was doing his best to keep it all going and fulfil his own American Dream.

Exposure (20 June)

Australian thriller drama series. Photographer Jacs Gould (Alice Englert) returns to her hometown of Port Kembla after the death of her friend to discover the hidden secrets of their relationship and the truth behind the tragedy. She throws herself out as bait, beginning an investigation that becomes an obsessive, impulsive pursuit. Also stars Essie Davis, Mia Artemis and Thomas Weatherall.


Black Barbie (19 June)

Documentary about the untold story of the first Black Barbie and the pivotal role three trailblazing women at Mattel had in creating a doll who looked like them.

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Trigger Warning (21 June)

2024 Film. A Special Forces commando (Jessica Alba) takes ownership of her father’s bar after his sudden death, only to find herself at odds with a violent gang running rampant in her hometown.

Rising Impact (22 June)

Manga anime series. When a third-grader’s natural gift for golf is accidentally discovered by a pro player, the boy embarks on a journey to be the world’s best golfer.


House of the Dragon – Season 2 (17 June)

Series based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones and tells the story of House Targaryen. Alongside the returning characters, including Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke), Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best) and Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint), we also meet five new dragons and other players in the conflict for the crown.

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The Great Pottery Throw Down – Season 7 (20 June)

Twelve of Britain’s best home potters compete to be crowned best at the wheel.

Anyone But You (21 June)

2023 film. After an amazing first date, Bea and Ben’s fiery attraction turns ice-cold – until they find themselves unexpectedly reunited at a destination wedding in Australia. So they do what any two mature adults would do: pretend to be a couple. Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

Saw X (21 June)

2023 horror film. A sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable.

Murder is Easy (23 June)

A new adaptation from Agatha Christie, the grand dame of cosy crime. On a train to London, the ambitious Luke Fitzwilliam meets the elderly Miss Pinkerton, who tells him of a string of mysterious deaths in her quaint English village. Locals believe the deaths are accidents but she believes otherwise. When she is later found murdered, Fitzwilliam is determined to unmask the killer.

Prime Video

Federer: Twelve Final Days (20 June)

Documentary. Helmed by Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia and director Joe Sabia, this is an intimate follow-along through the final 12 days of Roger Federer’s illustrious career. Originally a home video never intended for public viewing, the film captures the tennis champion at his most vulnerable and candid self, as he says goodbye to a game and the fans that shaped his life for the last two decades.

Anyone But You (21 June)

2023 film. After an amazing first date, Bea and Ben’s fiery attraction turns ice-cold – until they find themselves unexpectedly reunited at a destination wedding in Australia. So they do what any two mature adults would do: pretend to be a couple. Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

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The Really Loud House – Season 2 (19 June)

Live action kids’ series. Follow the comedic chaos of the Loud family as their kitchen mysteriously catches on fire, Lincoln and Clyde end up in a hot air balloon, and the youngest sisters attempt to go out and adventure on their own.

The Patrick Star Show – Season 2 (19 June)

Animated family sitcom spinoff of SpongeBob Squarepants, The Patrick Star Show tells new stories about one of the most beloved friends in TV history.

Rock Paper Scissors – Season 1 (19 June)

Animated kids comedy series. Best friends Rock, Paper and Scissors share an apartment and
fight for everything. Week after week they have little problems that keep getting out of hand.

Yellowstone: One-Fifty – Season 1 (21 June)

Nature documentary series. Kevin Costner explores the unprecedented majesty of Yellowstone National Park, leading us on a personal tour of one of the world’s most incredible natural landmarks and rediscovering with us the iconic beauty that led to its preservation.

Apple TV+

Bread & Roses (21 June)

2023 documentary. Offers a powerful window into the seismic impact that the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in 2021 had on women’s rights and livelihoods. Produced by Jennifer Lawrence and Justine Ciarrocchi, alongside Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights advocate and executive producer Malala Yousafzai, the film follows three women in real time as they fight to recover their autonomy. Director, Sahra Mani captures the spirit and resilience of Afghan women through a raw depiction of their harrowing plight.


Cult Massacre: One Day in America – Season 1 (17 June)

Exploring an idealistic religious movement led by Jim Jones, where a utopian community in Guyana spiralled into a mass casualty event leaving 918 dead. Told through survivor’s accounts, the series immerses viewers in the final hours preceding this dark chapter.

Cesar Milan: Better Human Better Dog – Season 4 (19 June)

Cesar Millan is back! With dog adoptions at a record high, Cesar continues his mission to create Better Humans and Better dogs by giving pet parents the tools they need to teach their dogs good habits and shed the old bad habits. From the homes of the pet parents, to his newly updated Dog Psychology Center, Cesar shows us the skills we need to create happy homes with our furry best friends.

Sins of the Parents – The Crumbley Trials (21 June)

This series explores the landmark case against James and Jennifer Crumbley, accused in connection with their son’s involvement in a 2021 school shooting incident in Oxford, Michigan. The documentary series provides an in-depth look at the legal proceedings and the case’s impact on the community.

AMC+/Acorn TV/Shudder

Tin Star  – Season 2 (17 June)

Epic thriller returns for its second season as Anna (Abigail Lawrie) offers her father a chance at forgiveness when she tasks him with saving Pastor Johan Nickel, the head of a family who have taken her in. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new oil refinery led by Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks) in the Canadian town of Little Big Bear brings new crime for police chief Jim Worth (Tim Roth) to deal with and also causes his own secrets to be revealed.

Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter (21 June)

Hosted by Emmy-nominated actress and comedian Yvonne Orji (Insecure), each episode showcases a dynamic ensemble of actresses, actors, directors, songwriters and producers and delves deep into the urgent issues, creative methodologies and behind-the-scenes narratives that define the industry.


Rich House, Poor House – Seasons 1 to 4 (18 June)

Documentary reality series. Two families from opposite ends of the financial spectrum and class divide swap homes, social status and budgets for seven days as they discover how the other half lives.

Without Sin (20 June)

A gripping crime drama series about a grieving mother who develops a relationship with the man she believes murdered her daughter. Three years on from the death of her daughter, Uber driver Stella is still unable to move on. With her family life in tatters, she suddenly gets a message from the man who killed her child. Starring Vicky McClure, Dorothy Atkinson and Johnny Harris.


Second to None (17 June)

Series. With an all-access-pass, Second to None follows the elite Lidl-Trek women’s cycling team, which includes two-time Australian Olympian and three-time national champion Amanda Spratt, as they prepare for and race the thrilling Tour de France Femmes. With women’s sport on the agenda more than ever, this gripping series is incredibly timely and the perfect companion piece to watch ahead of the men’s Tour de France beginning June 29.

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The Last Goldfish (20 June)

A daughter’s search for her lost family stretches from Australia to Trinidad and WWII Germany. Rich with archival images, Australian director Su Goldfish’s autobiographical documentary echoes through all those touched by forced migration.

Streaming on SBS on Demand

The New Corporation (19 June)

Documentary film revealing how the corporate takeover of society is being justified by the sly
rebranding of corporations as socially conscious entities. From Joel Bakan and Jennifer Abbott, filmmakers of the multi-award-winning global hit, The Corporation.

Before We Die – Season 2 (20 June)

British crime drama. Five episodes. This season, two matriarchs are battling for supremacy: Detective Hannah Laing (Lesley Sharp), a woman determined to fight corruption, and her antagonist Dubravka, the figurehead of the Mimica crime family and mother of Bianca, the lover of Hannah’s son.

Broken City (22 June)

Film. (US, 2013). When disgraced cop turned private detective, Billy Taggart, is hired by NYC’s mayor to tail his wife, he uncovers a city-wide conspiracy of corruption, sex, and murder. Directed by Allen
Hughes, starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Streaming on ABC iview

Stuff the British Stole – Season 2 (17 June)

Eight-part documentary series. The British Empire looted thousands of artefacts that now live in museums and galleries. Marc Fennell takes you on a global adventure to unravel the true histories of how they got there.

Monday’s Experts – Season 1 (17 June)

Hosted by Tony Armstrong with Catherine Murphy, Monday’s Experts is a new sports entertainment show covering all that happens both on and off the field each week.

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