The Winter King – need to know

The Winter King is streaming on Stan in Australia this August – here's what you need to know.

What’s this?

As per Stan: Set in the fifth century, long before Britain was united, in a brutal land of warring factions and tribes, where lives were often fleeting. The series follows Arthur Pendragon as he evolves from outcast to legendary warrior and leader.

Who’s in it?

Joshua Frater-Loughlin, Eddie Marsan, Iain De Caestecker, Nathaniel Martello-White, Valene Kane

Who directs The Winter King?

As per The Hollywood Reporter: Otto Bathurst (of Peaky Blinders fame) directs and executive produces, alongside Toby Leslie.

Where was it filmed?

The Winter King was filmed in Wales and the West Country, UK.

Was King Arthur real or a legend?

As per Archaeology magazine:

The main source for the Arthurian legend is Geoffrey of Monmouth’s twelfth-century book The History of the Kings of Britain, which chronicles the lives of the earliest British rulers. Although there are a few sparse references to an “Arthur” figure in documents from the ninth and tenth centuries, Geoffrey gives the first extensive account of King Arthur’s life and exploits. The story begins when Arthur is conceived at Tintagel Castle […]

‘There is no evidence that anyone called Arthur lived there,’ says [Bournemouth University archaeologist Miles Russell]. ‘Nor is there any archaeological evidence to support the existence of Arthur as a real person.’

Russell believes that Monmouth cobbled together various different ancient tales, characters, and episodes to create his now-beloved Arthur figure.

Was There A Real King Arthur?

Is there a trailer?

How many episodes will there be?

The Winter King has ten episodes … for now …

Any trivia?

The series is adapted from a popular 1990s work of fiction. As per Wikipedia: The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur is the first novel of the Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, originally published in the UK in 1995 by Penguin Group. The book is based on characters and plot elements from Arthurian myth, but considerably changed and re-worked.

Is there a King Arthur Quiz I can take online ahead of the show streaming so I can learn all the answers and show off about how much I know during the inevitable bathroom break about ten minutes into episode one?

Funnily enough, yes. The English Heritage King Arthur Quiz should meet your oddly specific needs.

Do say

Darkness is coming.

Don’t say

Winter is coming.

Where and when can I watch The Winter King?

The Winter King premieres on Stan in Australia on 21 August.

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