The Trouble With KanYe – need to know

This one-off documentary, streaming in August, explores the man, the myth, and often troubling legend of Ye.

What’s this?

As reported in TV Blackbox:

Unfolding against the backdrop of Ye’s 2024 election campaign, and at a time when his behaviour has sparked outrage and a re-evaluation of his place in popular culture, this one-off documentary follows award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar as he attempts to understand the complex journey that led Ye to become one of the most famous and creatively successful artists of his generation. But more recently, to condemnation and notoriety.

TV Blackbox.

Who is in it?

Journalist Mobeen Azhar and Ye.

Who directs The Trouble With KanYe?

Stefan Mattison, who is known for We Need to Talk About Kanye and The Kanye Story.

Is there a trailer?

Do the critics like it?

The Guardian gave the documentary four stars in June, with Lucy Mangan writing:

The programme deals particularly admirably with two factors. The first is the argument that West’s mental health and bipolarity are the cause of his recent decisions, comments and alliances. Many have tried to push back against the suggestion that such disorders in essence conjure ‘evil’ from nowhere, but they are rarely given much of a hearing. Azhar, by contrast, interviews poet Bassey Ikpi – who became a mental health activist after her own bipolar diagnosis – and resists the temptation to undermine or soften her very clear message that: ‘It is you, but magnified. I’m not making the case that he’s a lovely guy if he takes his medication. He’s probably a jerk.’

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Where and when can I watch The Trouble With KanYe?

The Trouble With KanYe premieres on 9 August on Binge.

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