SBS On Demand: new shows streaming January 2024

From Two Weeks to Live to The Shift – your guide to the best shows to stream on SBS this month.

Here’s your guide to the best new shows coming to SBS On Demand this month.

2 Jan

Dark Side of the 2000s

The Noughties catapulted us into the digital era and stripped our innocence away. Dark Side of the 2000s delves into the decade’s untold histories, revealing dark secrets and personal insights from the people who witnessed it all firsthand.

4 Jan

SurrealEstate – Season 2

This ‘ghoul-of-the-week’ comedy drama revolves around a real estate agency specialising in the niche market of selling haunted properties. Starring Schitt’s Creek alumni Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy, the firm employs ‘a scientist, a gay priest and a sarcastic young woman with nose piercings’ to help investigate and clear their client’s homes from any unwanted supernatural guests. 

Three Star Bar

Nourish your soul with this spirited Japanese drama adapted from the 2020 manga by Sai Asai. Situated in a corner of Nishi Ogikubo in Tokyo is the Three Star Bar.

6 Jan

2024 Dakar Rally

Stream the best action from 6 January in a special 2024 Dakar Rally hub at SBS On Demand.

8 Jan

Two Weeks to Live

Maisie Williams (Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who) is a young woman raised by a paranoid survivalist mother, who is convinced that the world will end in a fortnight. With a ticking clock until the apocalypse, Kim (Williams) is on a mission to avenge her father’s murder in the half-month she has left.

11 Jan


Joe Petrus is living the American dream: a fiancé to Jules, dad to Frankie and Bud, and starting his own business in a sleepy suburban town. But unbeknownst to his family, Joe has a secret. 

18 Jan

Cold Courage

Two Nordic women collide during a series of murders in present-day London. Mari, a fierce psychologist, fights for the underdog by any means necessary.

21 Jan

The Shift

A head midwife at Denmark’s best maternity ward is secretly yearning for her own child. She’s also having an affair with Norwegian paediatrician Jerry (Sverre Hagen). But work goes on for the short-staffed unit, with Ella delivering nine children in one day, and that’s just the first episode …

25 Jan


A new drama from South Africa, Spinners delves into the life of Ethan, a good kid born on the wrong side of town. In Cape Town’s slums where local gangs make the law, he faces few choices, but, caught in a web of crime, he discovers he has an incredible talent for ‘spinning’, an exciting and extreme motorsport.

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