Prime Video: new shows streaming December 2023

From The Black Demon to Los Farad – your guide to the best new titles to stream on Prime Video in December.

Have a Prime Video account but don’t know what to watch? Here’s our guide to the best shows and films coming to the platform in Australia this month.

1 Dec

Candy Cane Lane

A holiday comedy adventure film about a man on a mission to win the yearly Christmas decoration contest in his neighbourhood, starring Eddie Murphy.

2 Dec

My Man is Cupid: Season 1

Cheon Sang Hyuk is a fairy who excels at making women fall for him; Baek Ryun is a vet at an animal clinic … chat happens when the pair meet?

5 Dec

Prisoner’s Daughter

In this film, long-time prisoner Max (Brian Cox) is granted a compassionate release with the condition he reside with his daughter, Maxine (Kate Beckinsale), following a cancer diagnosis.

8 Dec

Your Christmas or Mine 2

In this film sequel, James’ father has invited the Taylors to spend the holidays at a fancy pants ski resort in the Austrian Alps, but can Hayley and James’ romance make it through another dodgy family Christmas?

Merry Little Batman

In this animated family action comedy, young Damian Wayne finds himself alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve and soon has to defend his home (and Gotham) from holiday-hating villains.

12 Dec

Los Farad: Season 1

Los Farad: Image: Prime Video.

Oskar’s life changes forever when he crosses paths with the wealthy Farad family, plunging him into international arms trafficking.

The Black Demon

In this sci-fi film, an idyllic family holiday takes a turn for the worse when a the family makes the acquaintance of a megalodon shark intent on protecting its territory.

15 Dec

Reacher: Season 2

Reacher gets the band back together with three of his former teammates-slash-chosen-family.

16 Dec

Death’s Game: Season 1

In this South Korean show, a man contemplating suicide meets Death and has to experience death on repeat.

19 Dec

The Donor Party

In this film, a recently single woman desperately wants to become a mum and realises she doesn’t need a husband to make it happen.

26 Dec


Detective Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck) goes on the hunt for his missing daughter. With the help of a psychic, he finds things get pretty weird pretty quickly.

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