Prime Video: new shows and films streaming this week

Your guide to new shows to stream on Prime Video from 26 February to 3 March in Australia.

New this Week

American Fiction (27 Feb)

Film (2023) by Cord Jefferson, based on the novel Erasure (2001) by Percival Everett. A novelist-professor, sick of the the establishment profiting from Black entertainment, writes a satire of stereotypical ‘Black books’ under a pseudonym, only to see his book lavishly praised and selling widely as a work of serious literature. Starring Jeffrey Wright and Tracee Ellis Ross.

The Equalizer 3 (29 Feb)

Comedy action sequel from 2023, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. Robert McCall (Washington) is minding his own business at home in Italy – until he finds our his friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As things go south – McCall knows he has no choice but to take on the mafia.

Reina Roja – Season 1 (29 Feb)

A Spanish/ Mexican thriller series in which the smartest woman on Earth becomes the leader of an experimental police project … but things run far from smoothly. Starring Vicky Luengo, Hovik Keuchkerian and Celia Freijeiro.

Added last week

Giannis: The Marvelous Journey (19 Feb)

The story of NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, from his early life in Greece to two-time NBA league MVP.

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy (23 Feb)

Animated series starring Kieran Culkin and Natasha Lyonne, about alien doctors who specialise in rare sci-fi ailments.

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