Netflix: best streaming shows of 2023

From Surviving Summer S2 to One Piece – here are the top five Netflix shows this year, according to ScreenHub reviewers.

Here are the top five shows to stream on SBS On Demand in 2023, as reviewed by ScreenHub authors.

Surviving Summer S2 – 4.5 star review

Surviving Summer. Image: Netflix.

‘Although Summer is frequently exasperating, she’s a joyous, spontaneous antidote to the proto-professional way her friends treat surfing. These kids are floundering under their own expectations, grimly saying, ‘This is my last chance!’ Their carefree grom days are but a brief window that, if missed, will close forever.’

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Heartstopper S2 – 4.5 star review

Heartstopper S2. Image: Netflix.

‘As Charlie and Nick dance towards the realisation that coming out may not be the be-all and end-all in a rapidly evolving world, this old queer found himself bubbling up with great big happy tears. Being seen is everything, but it’s up to you if and how you embrace that, and you can do it any damn way you want. Heartstopper gets this, and you can’t stop the beat.’

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One Piece – 5 star review

One Piece. Image: Netflix.

‘Nestled securely among the genuinely thrilling action sequences and wonderful bouts of silliness is a heart of emotional gold. What One Piece gets right overall is the way it lures you in with all that shiny stuff and then absolutely gut-punches you with its serious moments; exposing the oppression of people who had no say in the matter of pirates vs marines and whether they wanted to pick a side at all.’

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Wellmania – 4 star review

Wellmania. Image: Netflix.

‘Ultimately, what could have been a pretty one-note jab at the pretensions and charlatans of wellness culture turns into something more holistic. The show’s message is that both self-denial and self-indulgence should be morally neutral rather than grounds to decide someone’s a good or bad person. (As an aside, I enjoyed the show’s refusal to link Liv’s health to how her body looks, or even to pat itself on the back for depicting ‘real’ bodies.)’

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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – 4 star review

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Image: Netflix.

Queen Charlotte is not only about Black women but all women – the struggle to have their voice heard, the challenges of being widowed, and the value of strong friendships. Rhimes’ ability to showcase social commentary throughout the show is a marvel and makes this six episode series a must-watch.’

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