Critical Incident, Stan: streaming preview

Stan's newly announced six-part crime thriller is set and filmed in Western Sydney.

What is this?

Critical Incident is described as a gripping psychological crime thriller, ‘a raw series depicting life in the Western suburbs of Sydney’, a contemporary crime drama that delves into the complex world of policing and the consequences for those most vulnerable.

‘While on patrol for a teenage suspect, Senior Constable Zilifcar ‘Zil’ Ahmed (Akshay Khanna) pursues Dalia (Zoë Boe), and in the chaos and confusion of the pursuit, a bystander is critically injured. Zil’s world comes crashing down when he discovers Dalia was in fact not the perpetrator. 

‘The immense guilt over the bystander’s injuries, coupled with the pressure of the critical incident investigation and the public scrutiny, creates an unbearable burden for Zil. Encouraged by his brothers in blue, Zil becomes obsessed with pinning something on Dalia.’

Who stars in Critical Incident?

The cast is led by Akshay Khanna (Polite Society) and Zoë Boe (The Tree) and includes Roxie Mohebbi (Shortland Street), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Newsreader), Jai Waetford (Neighbours), Jackson Heywood (Bloom), Zindzi Okenyo (Wolf Like Me), Simone Kessell (Yellowjackets) and Erik Thomson (Black Snow).

Zoë Boe as Dalia in the Stan Original, Critical Incident. Image: Stan.

Who’s the director?

Episodes are directed by Neil Sharma (Heartbreak High) and Daniel Nettheim (The TouristLine of Duty).

Who wrote the show?

Critical Incident is created and written by Sarah Bassiuoni (The Secrets She Keeps, The Heights) alongside writers Ruth Underwood, Hannah Fitzpatrick and Natasha Henry.

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What does the creator have to say about it?

At the announcement of the series, creator and writer Sarah Bassiuoni said:

Critical Incident is a drama that offers multiple meanings and arguments around policing and criminality. This is not a cop show. This is not an organised crime show. This is drama. A drama about when things go wrong on the job and it just so happens your job is being a police officer.

‘Equally, this is a drama about being policed and how very often, that very fact, pushed you towards crime. Our world is a proud, authentic presentation of Western Sydney, with all its beauty and brutality. It is real. It hurts. And it hopes.’

What’s the country of origin?


Where was Critical Incident filmed?

In Western Sydney’s suburbs of Blacktown, Granville, Parramatta and Greenacre.

How many episodes?


What’s the production company?

Matchbox Pictures.

Who are the producers?

Critical Incident is produced by Bree-Anne Sykes with Executive Producers Sheila Jayadev and Debbie Lee from Matchbox Pictures, and Cailah Scobie and Amanda Duthie for Stan.

Who financed it?

Major production investment came from Screen Australia and Stan and the series was financed with support from Screen NSW. Post, digital and visual effects supported by Screen NSW and developed with assistance of Screen Australia.

Where and when can I watch Critical Incident?

 Filming recently wrapped and the series will premiere on Stan later in 2024.

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