You should play… Bugsnax, by Young Horses

Monster Hunter x Frog Detective x body horror? It's Bugsnax! Don't think about it too hard!
A Bugsnax screenshot featuring a grumpus holding a bugsnax.

Sometimes, we all need a little levity in your life. At ScreenHub, we often focus on the serious side of videogames — the industrial, artistic, and introspective. But sometimes, you just want to have fun, and that’s exactly what Bugsnax has to offer. Developed by Chicago-based studio Young Horses, this Playstation exclusive is absurd, gentle, slapstick fun for all ages. ScreenHub’s games and digital content lead, Jini Maxwell, recommends the game as the perfect antidote to the lockdown blues.

Are you looking for a game that pairs the aesthetic of Frog Detective with the gameplay of Monster Hunter? If so, Bugsnax is the game for you. In this candy-coloured adventure game, you play as an intrepid journalist who journeys to Snaktooth Island to discover the secrets of their endemic species, the bugsnax.

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Jini Maxwell is a writer and curator who lives in Naarm. They are an assistant curator at ACMI, where they also host the Women & Non-binary gamers club. They write about videogames and the people who make them. You can find them on Twitter @astroblob