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DOCNZ: Pitching forum – includes money

Doc NZ's International Documentary Film is a travelling event, but they do have a pitching competition in one place, with…

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Friends of the ABC: noble in adversity

Friends of the ABC is popping out of Auntie''s 75th birthday cake with a naughty... ... political message.

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Seven: Philipoussis' love volley for Oz.

One question: WHY?

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Seven: 2007 Line-up Part 2

Channel Seven declares 'the wait is over' and is responding to fansites and blogs by delivering new seasons of Heroes…

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ABC: A Valentine to football

Filming starts on the new ABC TV telemovie 'Valentine’s Day', as a famous Aussie Rules footballer fallen on hard times.…

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Seven: Wiggle to work with animals.

Having seen the feral behaviour of children in hordes, 'Blue Wiggle' Anthony Field has retreated to animals. He will make…

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ABC: seventy five years young

Proving that agencies outlast their human custodians, the ABC is about to celebrate its 75 anniversary. It will be a…

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Network Ten: new group sales manager

Network Ten today announced the appointment of Grant Madigan to group sales manager, responsible for agency sales. Mr Madigan will…

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'The Fairies': doing well for SA

Though we can't imagine what the Arabic or Inuit television market makes of 'The Fairies', we are pleased to use…

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Nine: Gets quiz mania over The Mint

Nine is to replace its late-night quiz show Quizmania with another phone-based quiz format from the UK, The Mint.

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