NFSA Player launches with 17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander titles

The Buwindja Collection shows how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ voices have been represented, a snapshot from the 70s to recent years. 

As the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) launches its first ever on-demand platform, ScreenHub spoke with Patrick McIntyre, NFSA CEO, and Gillian Moody, Senior Manager, Indigenous Connections, NFSA, to get some more information. 

Hi both. Can you tell us a little about the new on-demand platform the NFSA is launching?

McIntyre: People are perennially fascinated by the past, and in the 21st century, mobile on demand media has emerged as the predominant cultural experience platform. So it makes total sense for the NFSA to share more of its collection through digital channels like streaming. Our website and social channels have long been places to search for and enjoy clips from the collection.  

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