Rudy Jean Rigg: ‘every week is Trans Awareness Week for me!’

Rudy Jean Rigg is a non-binary athlete, activist, and content creator best known for the TikTok series Rainbow History Class. In this interview we delve into celebrating Trans Awareness Week when trans awareness is the norm.

As the host of the regularly-viral TikTok series Rainbow History Class, Rudy Jean Rigg is no stranger to the spotlight.

Once a competitive badminton player, the non-binary Rigg now spends most of their time advocating for trans awareness and educating people on queer history online. So well known are they for this that they’ve been invited to perform Rainbow History Class live at Sydney WorldPride in February 2023.

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Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, and filmmaker. They joined ScreenHub as Film Content Lead in 2022. Twitter: @SilviReports