Bohemian Rhapsody DoP on his choice of lenses

It is almost impossible, unless you got all VR, to avoid the use of a lens. Their effects are things of wonder according to Newton Thomas Sigel.
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Slick shot from Bohemian Rhapsody, which may even be a CG image. From IMDB.

Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel is an elegant gent who looks like an extra from Guys and Dolls. He is also a clever communicator who is happy to play the mistake/recover game to keep his presentation light. 

This Vanity Fair video is made wth a classy crew which shows some of the possibilities of the medium. But the content is fun too because Sigel is pretty good at reminding us just how much lens choices affect the feelings of a scene, using clips from Drive, Three Kings and Rhapsody in Blue. 


If you want to go all podcast, there is an hour long audio discussion which really shows the power of visuals here.

You can see him spruik ARRI pretty well in this clip; you may just settle into watching the way he handles lenses while he talks.

ARRI Rental DNA lenses capture BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY from ARRI Rental on Vimeo.

In 2017 American Cinematographer did a story about him including his work on clips for Arcade Fire.

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