‘Under Cover’ and ‘Because We Have Each Other’: director interviews

Documentary filmmakers Sari Braithwaite and Sue Thomson speak about the form’s power to spark meaningful conversations.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of stories that utterly disarm you. Like dropping in on the everyday life of the family at the heart of [CENSORED] filmmaker Sari Braithwaite’s latest documentary Because We Have Each Other, which has just debuted at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

She spent five years sitting with working-class couple Janet Sharrock and Brent ‘Buddha’ Barnes, who fell head over heels in love at their local RSL and then wound up forging a family together. A place where they could nurture their neurodivergent children with former partners under one roof. It’s the sort of film that creeps up on you unawares and leaves you thoroughly discombobulated.

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