The Other Black Girl on Disney+/ Hulu – need to know

Some key facts and figures about the new comedy-drama-mystery series based on Zakita Dalila Harris's bestselling book.

What is The Other Black Girl show about?

This new comedy-drama-mystery-thriller series follows editorial assistant Nella Rogers, who is tired of being the only black girl at her company, so she’s excited when Hazel-May McCall is hired. But as Hazel’s star begins to rise, Nella spirals out and discovers something sinister is going on at the company.

Who stars in The Other Black Girl?

Sinclair Daniel (as Nella Rogers), Ashleigh Murray (as Hazel-May McCall) and Hunter Parrish (as Owen).

Who produced The Other Black Girl?

As per SK POP:

The series is executive produced by Rashida Jones [of Parks & Recreation fame], Adam Fishbach, Zakiya Dalila Harris, Jordan Reddout, Gus Hickey, Tara Duncan, Marty Bowen, and Wyck Godfrey.


Why are people excited about The Other Black Girl?

Simply put, the novel was a sensation for a reason. Here’s how Vulture describes the show:

The Other Black Girl takes on the terrifying world of tokenisation, racism, and attempting career advancements in a white industry. Also a scary, moving reflection and moving pictures of old white dudes that are supposed to remain still. That too.


How many episodes are there in Season 1 of The Other Black Girl?


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Is The Other Black Girl an adaptation?

Yep. It’s an adaptation of the bestselling 2021 debut novel of the same name by Zakita Dalila Harris, which was reportedly sold at auction to the Atria Publishing group for more than $1 million.

Show me The Other Black Girl trailer

Do the critics like The Other Black Girl

It’s a limited pool on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment – just 11 reviews at the time of this article going to print – but the show currently has a 92% critical rating. Here’s what Jean Henegan at Pop Culture Maniacs wrote:

The performances were uniformly strong, the episodes never dragged, and the story was compelling enough to make me hit next time and time again. If you’re looking for an interesting, short thriller, The Other Black Girl might just be the show for you.

Pop Culture Maniacs

Where and when can I watch The Other Black Girl?

The Other Black Girl premieres on Disney+ on 13 September 2023.

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