Surviving Summer Season 2 – need to know

Everything you need to know about the return of Surviving Summer to Netflix this September.

What’s this?

A hit Australian streaming show for young adults (and their parents). The Season 1 blurb was: ‘Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebel New York teen makes waves among a young surfer’s inner circle – and leaves a mess in her wake.’

Who’s in it?

Kai Lewins, Sky Katz, Lilliana ‘Lil’ Bowrey, João Gabriel Marinho, and Savannah La Rain.

Will there be any new cast members?

New cast members include Olympia Valance (Neighbours), Annabel Wolfe (Black Snow), and Josh MacQueen (Black Snow).

Who created Surviving Summer?

Joanna Werner and Josh Mapleston.

Here’s what Werner said about Season 2 on ScreenHub earlier this year:

We were so thrilled with the response around the world to the first season of Surviving Summer on Netflix and couldn’t be more excited to be commencing shoot on the second season. Our fabulous cast have just finished their intensive surf training camp and are ready to go, along with some exciting new cast members.  We have a brilliant crew assembled on the Surf Coast and the sun is shining here in Anglesea – here’s to a great shoot!


Who directs Surviving Summer Season 2?

Surviving Summer Season 2 will be directed by Season 1’s Sian Davies, along with Christian Van Vuuren.

Was Surviving Summer Season 1 successful?

Um, yeah! According to Ausfilm:

Released in 60 languages to over 190 countries in June 2022, the 10-episode first series immediately landed in Netflix’s Top 10 in 43 countries across the globe, including USA, Canada, UK, Brazil and Australia, with 20.3 million hours viewed in its first week. On TikTok, #survivingsummer has amassed over 52.4m views.


What will happen in Surviving Summer Season 2?

According to Netflix:

A year ago, Summer Torres made the best friends she’d ever had and romance blossomed with Ari Gibson. Inspired by that magical time in Shorehaven, Summer’s been surfing constantly in the unforgiving breaks around Rockaway Beach, New York. A new dream has been forming – return to Shorehaven and become a career surfer, like her Aussie mates. Summer’s mother, Margot, finally says yes to a trip down under, but this time she’s coming to keep an eye on her unpredictable daughter.

Poppy, Bodhi and Marlon are delighted to have Summer back, although Ari’s feelings are more complicated. But no one can believe it when Summer announces she wants to make the State Team and compete at Nationals, just like them. Their jaws drop all over again when Summer crashes a final in the middle of the tryouts and rips. She’s not just good, she’s a contender. Problem is, when Summer miraculously makes the team, she also makes a mortal enemy of the team captain – Ari’s new girlfriend, Wren.


Is there a trailer?

How many episodes are there in Surviving Summer Season 2?

Eight episodes (versus ten in Season 1).

Where was it filmed?

Great Ocean Road on Wadawurrung Country in Victoria, Australia.

Do say

You guys go ahead, I’ll stay here and work on the garden.

Don’t say

Lemme just get my boardies on – I’ll be with you kids in five.

Where and when can I watch Surviving Summer Season 2?

Surviving Summer Season 2 premieres on Netflix on 15 September 2023.

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