SBS On Demand: best new streaming shows in September 2023

From While the Men Are Away to Conversations With Friends, there are some great new shows coming to SBS this month.

7 Sep

Arcadia – Season 1

4 Women Stand In A Line, The Closest To Camera Is In Focus Looking Nervous

In the near future, people’s rights are tied to their Citizen Scores. In this Belgian thriller, a supposedly law-abiding family has its world turned upside down when it’s discovered the dad has been falsifying scores.

Christian – Season 2

Christian Stands In Front Of And Looks Down At A Crucifix Grave Marker

Christian – Season 2. Image: SBS.

Christian does the bidding of a local crime boss in this Italian sci-fi series, but the appearance of stigmata on his hands brings healing powers and is poised to changed his own life, and the lives of those around him, in profound ways.

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14 Sep

Dark Winds – Seasons 1 and 2

Zahn Mcclarnon As Joe Leaphorn In Dark Winds

Dark Winds. Image: Michael Moriatis/Stalwart Produc/© 2021 Stalwart Productions/SBS.

A spate of seemingly unrelated crimes in the Navajo Nation in 1971 become the focus of Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Tribal Police, uncovering and unsettling old wounds.

18 Sep

The Change – Season 1

A Woman Stands Next To Her Black Motorcyle

The Change. Image: SBS.

Afraid she is developing dementia, and facing an existential crisis, a 50-year old mother of two from a working-class background comes face to face with the menopause.

21 Sep

Crime – Season 1

A Man And A Woman, Both Detectives Stand In Front Of Houses And Mountains Looking At The Camera

Crime. Image: SBS.

Based on the 2008 Irvine Welsh novel of the same name, a lead investigator becomes embroiled in the case of a missing seven-year-old girl.

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23 Sep

(On SBS Viceland, with episodes available to stream at SBS On Demand for a limited time after broadcast.

Conversations with Friends – Season 1

Conversations With Friends

Conversations with Friends. Image: SBS.

In this adaptation of Sally Rooney’s 2017 debut, two twentysomething women befriend an older couple and have to confront the deepening cracks in their relationship.

27 Sep

While the Men Are Away


The men are off fighting in the second world war and now the women are running the show – specifically, two Women’s Land Army recruits, who leave the city for the countryside and have to deal with race relations, sexual mores and farming.

28 Sep

Chantal – Season 1

Chantal Season 1 Episode 3

Chantal. Image: SBS.

Inspector Chantal Vantomme seeks an easier life with her daughter when she takes up a job as coordinator of a small rural police office, but the law of the land doesn’t necessarily hold sway in Loveringem, the Farwest of Flanders.

Beyond Signs – Season 1

A Young Boy Stares At A Table With Paper And Colouring Pens

Beyond Signs. Image: François Lefebvre/ SBS.

An 11-year-old girl goes missing at her mother’s birthday party and comes to know Diego, a boy who has visions linked to the disappearance.

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