Paramount+: new shows streaming this week

Your guide to what's new to stream from 18 to 24 March in Australia.

New to streaming this week

Celebrity Ex On The Beach – Season 3 (20 March)

We’re back with the ‘hottest stars’ from the UK and the USA, as they head off off for a summer of love, with some unwelcome surprises.

That Girl Lay Lay – Season 2 (20 March)

The return of the series in which teenager Sadie’s wish comes true, bringing Lay Lay magically to life. Starring Gabrielle Navaeh, Alaya High and Esther Mbire.

Recently added

SpongeBob SquarePants – Season 14 (13 March)

It’s the return of the talking sea sponge who works at a fast food restaurant … ring the bells!

Little Wing (14 March)

In this 2024 Irish film by Dean Israelite, a 13-year-old girl finds herself in the world of pigeon racing while coping with her parents’ divorce and the imminent loss of her home. Starring Kelly Reilly, Brian Cox and Broklynn Prince.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion – Season 3 (15 March)

A number of the mothers from the Teen Mom franchise get together to reconnect with each other and celebrate their friendships.

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The Thundermans Return (7 March)

In this 2024 film by Trevor Kirschner, we’re back with the family as they enter a new era of superhero crimefighting. Starring Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo and Addison Riecke.

Unseen (7 March)

2023 horror film by Yoko Okumura, following a gas station worker who receives a call from a nearly blind woman on the run from her ex in the woods. Starring Midori Francis, Jolene Purdy and Missi Pyle.

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