Netflix: new shows streaming this week

Your guide to new shows to stream on Netflix from 15 to 21 April 2024.

New to streaming this week

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer (15 April)

The British comedian refutes the idea that you can’t joke about anything these days with his takes on gun control, religion, cancel culture and consent.

Our Living World (17 April)

Series. A new, stunning nature series narrated by Cate Blanchett which explores the intelligence, resourcefulness and interconnectedness of life on Earth.

The Circle – Season 6 (17 April)

Series. Return of the reality competition in which contestants have to choose whether to be themselves or other people while chasing a cash prize.

The Grimm Variations (17 April)

The Grimm Variations. Image: Netflix.

Anime series. A reimagining of the Brothers Grimm fairytales from the perspective of their sister, Charlotte.

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scaregiver (19 April)

Film (2024). The rebels gear up for battle against the ruthless forces of the Motherworld as unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge and legends are made. Starring Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounso and Ed Skrein.

Added recently

Spirit Rangers – Season 3 (8 April)

Animated series. Native American siblings Kodiak, Summer and Eddy Skycedar have a shared secret: they’re Spirit Rangers.

Below Deck – Season 7 (8 April)

The return of the reality TV series following the ups and downs of the crew on a multimillion dollar charter boat.

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good (9 April)

Comedian Neal Brennan riffs in this stand-up special on crypto, social media flexes, sex compliments and the link between greatness and mental health.

Comedian Neil Brennan. Image: Netflix.

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect (10 April)

Series. An old case is wrenched open when a reporter goes missing, leading his web sleuth daughter to a small mountain town haunted by a sect, secrecy and death. Starring Hatik, Noémie Schmidt and Camille Lou.

The Hijacking of Flight 601 (10 April)

Series. Two armed revolutionaries hijack and threaten to blow up Flight 601 unless the Colombian government releases 50 political prisoners and pays them a large cash ransom. Inspired by the longest aerial hijacking in Latin American history, on 30 May, 1973. Starring Mónica Lopera, Christian Tappan, Ángela Cano and Enrique Carriazo.

What Jennifer Did (10 April)

Documentary film. It was a violent crime that shook a quiet Canadian town: Mysterious intruders break into the home of Vietnamese immigrants, terrorize the family, and leave a traumatized daughter as the only witness. Director Jenny Popplewell (American Murder: The Family Next Door) uses police interrogation footage and testimony from those involved to unravel a web of complexities that no one saw coming.

Heartbreak High – Season 2 (11 April)

Series. Term Two begins at Hartley High, the ‘lowest ranking school in the district’, with new faces, new drama and new excitement. Starring Ayesha Madon, Chloé Hayden and Thomas Weatherall.

As The Crow Flies – Season 3 (11 April)

Series. Return of the show in which a young fan manipulates her way into a seasoned anchor’s newsroom but soon confronts the dark side of ambition, envy and the desire to be seen. Starring Birce Akalay, Miray Daner and İbrahim Çelikkol.

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