Kath and Kim: five best moments as we adieu Chateau Kath

As the home from the comedy classic gets bulldozed, we count down five of the best scenes from the iconic Australian show.

Friends. You’ll know by know that the house used in the TV series Kath and Kim has been demolished this week. The four-bedroom property – known as Chateau Kath, situated in the fictional suburb of Fountain Lakes – was rented by the ABC from 2002 to 2007 and is – nay, was – in the Melbourne suburb of Patterson Lakes.

As this slice of look-at-moi cultural heritage disappears, let’s raise our chardonnay glasses and count down five of the very best moments from the show.

5. Carrot stuck in fascinator

Because nothing says a posh day at the races like Rachel Griffiths walking past as you spew in a portaloo and find regurgitated veg in your fascinator.

4. Cooked rice for Kimmy

Comedy gold and an important PSA: ‘You’re not supposed to cook it!’

3. The Little Baby Cheeses

Iconic. Timeless. Hilarious.

2. Cardonnay

One of the best comebacks to those know-it-alls with their fancy French pronunciation.

1. Dancing

In truth, there were just too many great dance moments to choose from, so enjoy this compilation instead.

Is it definitely over, then … you know, o-v-a-h? For Chateau Kath, yes, but the re-runs will be providing lols for years to come – I can feel it in my waters.

Paul Dalgarno writes novels: A Country of Eternal Light (2023) and Poly (2020); memoir: And You May Find Yourself (2015); and creative non-fiction: Prudish Nation (2023). He was formerly Deputy Editor of The Conversation and joined ScreenHub as Managing Editor in 2022. Twitter: @pauldalgarno. Insta: @narrativefriction