House of Gods on ABC iview: need to know

Set in Western Sydney, the new series, directed by Fadia Abboud, focuses on an ambitious Iraqi Australian family.

What is it?

A new six-part drama series that, the ABC says: ‘follows the lives of an ambitious Iraqi Australian family grappling with newfound power and privilege when their charismatic patriarch is elected Head Cleric of their local mosque. This compelling series takes audiences behind the walls of an imam’s family and the community he leads, exploring the personal cost of power and ambition.’

Where is it set?

Western Sydney.

Who directs?

Fadia Abboud (Here Out West, Year Of, Five Bedrooms)

Who is in House of Gods?

Osamah Sami, Kamel El Basha, Maia Abbas, Safia Arain, Simon Elrahi, Priscilla Doueihy and Majid Shokor.

Who created the show?

The series was created by Osamah Sami and Shahin Shafaei, and developed by Blake Ayshford. Sami, whose father was a Head Cleric, has described storytelling as a means to connect:

‘It’s how we tell each other we’re not alone in this world. All the cultural and religious differences go out the door once you realise another person can experience the same feelings as you even though they’re from another part of the world, or their religion or skin colour is different. That’s our hope for House of Gods.’

More background on House of Gods

How long are the episodes?

55 minutes each.

Who produced the series?

The series a Matchbox Pictures production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia and the ABC. Financed with support from Screen NSW. 

Where and when can I watch House of Gods?

The series premieres on 25 February at 8.30pm on ABC TV, with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview.

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