High Country, Binge – streaming preview

Filmed in Victoria's Alpine regions, this mystery thriller series stars Leah Purcell and traces much of its talent back to Wentworth.

What is this?

High Country is an Australian mystery thriller series that revolves around detective Andrea (Andie) Whitford, who is transferred to the Victorian High Country and thrust into a baffling mystery of five missing persons who have vanished into the foreboding wilderness.

As per the synopsis: ‘Through an edge-of-the-seat high-stakes investigation [Andie] discovers the greatest mystery is her own and that her true identity lies at the heart of the puzzle. In solving the mystery of the vanished, Andie discovers the solidarity of community, the embrace of family and the incredible healing of Country.’

Many of the cast and crew here trace their roots back to long-running Australian television drama Wentworth.

Who stars in High Country?

Leading the cast is award-winning Aboriginal Australian actress and playwright, Leah Purcell (Wentworth, Redfern Now, Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson). The series also stars Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Derry Girls), Sara Wiseman (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, A Place to Call Home), Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, Jack Irish), Geoff Morell and Henry Nixon.

Who’s the director?

High Country is directed by Kevin Carlin (Wentworth) and Beck Cole (Here I Am).

Who wrote the show?

Marcia Gardner (Wentworth, Better Man), John Ridley (Wentworth, Nowhere Boys), and Beck Cole (Little J & Big Cuz, Thalu).

What’s the country of origin of High Country?


Where was High Country filmed?

The series is set in and filmed in a region of Victoria – the Alps or the Alpine region – that is ‘rarely seen on screen’. This is the landscape we saw in the iconic 1982 film The Man From Snowy River – Victorian High Country places like Mount Hotham, Mount Bogong, Mansfield and Merrijig. Production began in April last year in the regional Victorian town of Jamieson, about 190kms north east of Melbourne.

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How many episodes?

There are eight 47-minute episodes.

What’s the production company?

High Country was created by Marcia Gardner and John Ridley and produced by Curio Pictures (formerly Playmaker Media), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television (SPT), which is worldwide distributor for the series, in association with Rage Media.

Who are the producers?

Jo Porter and Rachel Gardner from Curio Pictures are Executive Producers, with Pino Amenta and Sue Edwards as Producers. Marcia Gardner and John Ridley are creators and also the key writers of the series and serve as Executive Producers as well. Penny Win serves as Executive Producer for the Foxtel Group.

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Where and when can I watch High Country?

The first two episodes of High Country will premiere on Binge and Fox Showcase on Tuesday, 19 March 2024.

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