DocPlay: new films and shows streaming in January 2024

From Bromley: Light After Dark to The Australian Wars – your guide to what's new to DocPlay in January 2024.
Bromley. Image is artist spraying green paint at the camera.

Have a DocPlay account but don’t know what to watch? Our January highlights guide is here to help!

1 Jan

Bromley: Light After Dark

A profile of Australian painter David Bromley and his wife Yuge, and a rousing exploration of life, love and creativity.

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15 Jan

Room 999

David Cronenberg, Baz Luhrmann and Claire Denis, alongside a host of prominent directors, discuss cinema’s future in this riveting sequel to Wim Wenders’s 1982 classic Room 666.

22 Jan

Citizen Ashe

Experience the story of sports legend and social activist Arthur Ashe, who rose to prominence after he became the first African American to win the US Open.

25 Jan

The Australian Wars

This three-part documentary series from Blackfella Films investigates the frontier conflicts between 1788 and 1928 and their impact, and asks Australians who we are, and what we want to become.

Araatika: Rise Up!

A group of NRL greats get together to create a pre-game ceremony to celebrate Aboriginal cultures, respond to the Maori Haka, and counter racism in rugby league.

29 Jan

Corners of the Earth – Kamchatka

Filmmakers Spencer Frost and Guy Williment and surfers Letty Mortenson and Fraser Dovell journey to Kamchatka in the far east of Russia in search of new waves along the frozen, unexplored coastline.

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