The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Prime – need to know

Some quick facts on The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, coming in August to Prime Video.

What’s this?

A TV miniseries that sees us following a young girl, Alice Hart, whose violent childhood casts a dark shadow over her adult life. The story involves a nine-year-old girl who loses both her parents in a mysterious fire and is sent to live with her grandmother on a flower farm. There she learns dark secrets about herself and her family. The narrative uses native wildflowers and plants to depict the inexpressible. It spans decades as Alice grows from a child into a woman.

Why does it all sound so familiar?

It’s based on the bestselling 2018 novel of the same name by the Australian author Holly Ringland.

Who’s in it?

Frankie Adams, Leah Purcell, Asher Keddie and Sigourney Weaver star.

Who wrote the TV version?

Kirsten Fisher,  Kim Wilson and  Sarah Lambert

Who directs The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart?

Australian director Glendyn Ivin, known for The Cry (2018)

Where was it filmed?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was filmed in Sydney.

How many episodes are there?

There are seven episodes of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. Each is an hour long.

Is there a trailer?


Do the critics like it?

As yet, there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Do say

‘When I wear a combination of flowers together, it’s like I’m writing my own secret code that no one else can understand unless they know my language.’

Don’t say

I hope Alice has a nice Hart to Hart with her grandma.

Where and when can I watch The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart premieres on Prime Video on 4 August.

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