Dalíland – need to know

Everything you need to know about the new film about Salvador Dalí, starring Sir Ben Kingsley, in less than 60 seconds.

What’s this?

A slice-of-history biopic following a young gallery assistant in 1973 who helps the ageing Spanish artist Salvador Dalí prepare for a big show in New York.

Who’s in it?

Sir Ben Kingsley plays Dalí. Also stars Barbara Sukowa and Ezra (The Flash) Miller.

Who directs?

Mary Harron (American Psycho).

What’s the classification?

Dalíland is classified M for nudity, sex, course language and drug use.

Is there a trailer?

Do the critics like it?

Currently there’s a big gap on Rotten Tomatoes, with a critics score of just 44% versus an audience score of 95%.

Here’s a serving of sass from Ty Burr on Ty Burr’s Watch List:

Further proof, if you need it, of how hard it is to make a good film about a great artist – or even Salvador Dalí.

Ty Burr’s Watch List

Any trivia?

According to IMDB: Ezra Miller was originally envisioned to play James Linton, a fictionalised young gallery worker who becomes enchanted – and later disillusioned – by his encounters with the ageing surrealist, Dalí. However, due to scheduling conflicts and timing, Miller was eventually cast to play a younger version of Ben Kingsley’s Salvador Dalí while Christopher Briney was cast as James Linton.

Do say

I can’t think of too many actors who could convincingly play Gandhi, Dalí, and that Don Logan fellow in Sexy Beast.

Don’t say

Well, that was surreal.

Where and when can I watch it?

Dalíland is in cinemas from 13 July.

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