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Chris Lilley:

Weasel, or protector of artistic integrity? News Ltd decides to promulgate some claims about Chris Lilley. After all, he is…

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Skite: Animal Logic has a Triumph of the Will

Animal Logic is proud of the special effects work it did on 'Utopia', which is a campaign for a beer…

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ACTF: not mortified by award nomination

As we so cleverly noticed on Wednesday, 'Mortified' has an International Emmy nomination, on which the ACTF has a point…

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WA Screen Academy Student Wins Pitching Contest

Lucinda Marty goes to semi-finals at the National Screenwriters Conference with here= comedy-drama 'The Mother Hood'.

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ABC: Andrew Olle scholarship winner announced

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott today announced Bronwyn Herbert as the eleventh winner of the prestigious Andrew Olle Scholarship.

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NSW Premier's History Awards - Audio/Visual History Prize: The Archive Project, by John Hughes

'The Archive Project' wins the 2007 NSW Premier's History Awards - Audio/Visual History Prize.

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Tony Clark ASC: even busier

Rising Sun Pictures’ Tony Clark ACS has been appointed to the Board of the SAFC.

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DOCNZ 2007 Film Festival Awards Winners: in amongst the thanks, some serious concerns

International and local documentary film-makers competed for over $33,000 worth of prizes in Australasia’s largest documentary film festival and competition.

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The Learning Group: Janine Trapp is new COO

The Learning Group, a specialist Australian e-learning development and services company, has announced the appointment of Janine Trapp as Chief…

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Popcorn Taxi: 'Dexter' and Michael G. Hall in Sydney

Popcorn Taxi invites you meet Actor MICHAEL C. HALL (of Six Feet Under fame) for an on-stage discussion, and preview…

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