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Company Announcements

Karina Holden: to Southern Star

Southern Star has recruited independent producer and director Karina Holden, seen most recently around Becker Entertainment. Once the kerfuffle of…

Company Announcements

Kokoda: producers happy with results

'Kokoda' has taken over a million dollars in the first week, on 76 screens, which has now risen to 98.…

Company Announcements

Nifty little film

'Wedding Sari Showdown' is on SBS tonight at 7.30. This is a blatant plug.




Company Announcements

SP*RK: sparking again, making the A*C happy

SP*RK has proved its worth in developing scripts. Now it is back again. Though it will run at Byron Bay…

Company Announcements

Co-pros: interested in the Dutch?

New Holland Pictures is beginning the campaign for an official co-pro treaty with Holland, and looking for like minded producers.

Company Announcements

FFC: Hobart bound

After the FFC has been pummelled in the nicest possible way by various mainland public events, the caravan is hopping…

Company Announcements

AFTRS: much more than a bunch of directors

The newest generation of talented young filmmakers and television producers graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)…

Company Announcements

Channel Ten: management chess

Network Ten is redeploying managers around the country.

Company Announcements

TVC: Aardman to Animal Logic

Adding to the competition, Animal Logic welcomes Victoria Taplin to the role of Producer with the Television Commercials department.

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