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Ron Howard in Queensland to shoot new film Eden

Director Ron Howard returns to the Gold Coast with Eden, which starts filming in a few days.


Warwick Thornton, Gracie Otto and Noora Niasari among nominees of Australian Directors’ Guild Awards

Australian directors in all screen formats (features, documentaries, shorts and series) will gun for the Australian Director's Guild Awards this…

Education & Student News

Screen opportunities roundup – November 2023

Your monthly round up of screen industry opportunities, from open film submissions to professional placements.

Bromley. Image is artist spraying green paint at the camera.

Artist David Bromley on mental health, Bromley: Light After Dark documentary

The celebrated painter discusses his much anticipated new feature documentary.

Documentary. Image is a group of women in a small filming studio, with two sitting in chairs facing each other and another behind a film camera.

Documentary filmmaking classes for the Bold and Beautiful

A series of workshops specifically for women and gender diverse people aged over 40 exemplifies the agency of human involvement.


SheDoc 2023 applications open to female-identifying documentary filmmakers

SheDoc is providing grants to female documentary makers to support travel, research and project development.


Making Mermaid Magic with Our Flag Means Death Costume Designer Gypsy Taylor

From Mermaid Stede to Calypso's birthday, Australian costume designer Gypsy Taylor discusses the best looks from OFMD season 2.


Damage: director Madeleine Blackwell interview

Blackwell says she felt compelled to make a story about asylum seekers' treatment in Australia after 'becoming overwhelmed'.


SXSW Sydney wrap-up: every film, series and conference we reviewed

Read all the news, reviews and insights our team gleaned from Sydney's inaugural SXSW festival.


The Last Anniversary: Nicole Kidman confirms new series adaptation of Australian novel

Nicole Kidman and Blossom Films partner Per Saari revealed they are already working on a new streaming project at SXSW…

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