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TV sales and distribution: the more it changes, the more it stays the same

Revenue collapsing, schedules wrecked, standards falling – Flame and Fred tell us the truth about the TV sales and distribution…


Still confused about JobKeeper? An accountant explains

Laura Davidson, a chartered accountant and treasurer for WIFT Victoria, gives us notes from her online seminar.


Australian comedy gets DIY and digital in isolating times

As Corona cripples film and TV production globally, Australian comedy gets DIY to pick up the slack.

Opinions & Analysis

Bringing it all Back Home: a Cinephile's reflections in lockdown

Strictly confined in a small Spanish village, Adrian Martin compiles an eclectic virus playlist, discovers Zoom, and argues for the…


A three part plan to free us from our homes – is this the starting gun?

If the three step plan announced by the government is supposed to get the economy moving, this is a very…


Screen News in Brief

A new campaign supports Australian content, big film festivals go online and plethora of talks and forums to keep you…


GCAP conference chooses a new theme and a new path forward

The annual games conference held during Melbourne International Games Week has changed its theme to reflect this year of pandemic.


Screen Australia: 'I just want everyone working and getting paid.'

Screen Australia's Graeme Mason contemplates the deep future and bends back into the current dilemmas.


Cinematographers v COVID-19, three stories

As the virus hit Sydney, the Gold Coast and Los Angeles, Velinda Wardell, Andrew Conder and Jules O'Loughlin reflect on…


What happens to the gear companies when rental comes to an abrupt halt?

The screen sector relies enormously on renting gear, but the companies are very capital intensive. Sue Greenshields from Lemac shares…

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