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ABC: A love story about a man and his land and a man and his wife, this stirring telemovie starring…


Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls

SYDNEY FESTIVAL: Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls is wonderful entertainment, and hopefully a precursor to many similar productions over…


Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

MADMAN: Released in cinemas in 3D and alternately known as 3D Sex and Zen, this fourth iteration in the erotic…


Metropolis Reconstructed + Restored

MADMAN: Without Fritz Lang’s magnum opus, science fiction – and cinema – would be much the poorer. Now the legendary…


Recipe for Murder

ABC TV: ABC TV: If you like film noir, true crime, Australian history, and sobering insights into the lives of…


Tomorrow, When the War Began

A genuinely exciting Australian action movie based on John Marsden’s best-selling Young Adult novel.


Careers in Animation Forum

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL: MIAF & Holmesglen again put on a great Q&A session with a panel of four professionals…


Bran Nue Dae

This Indigenous road-movie musical comedy is the feel-good Australian film of the year.


The 1000-Euro Generation: Italian Film Festival

Based on the novel by Antonio Incorvaia and Alessandro Rimassa, 'The 1000-Euro Generation' is a comedy set in today’s Italy…


The Last Pulcinella: Italian Film Festival

'The Last Pulcinella' takes inspiration and breathes life into the original unedited screenplay by Roberto Rossellini. As if it has…

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