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Film Review: River is a visual spectacle

Jennifer Peedom’s documentary sequel is awash with beautiful images but might struggle to reach the heights of its predecessor.


Film Review: Courtney Barnett's Anonymous Club

The singer-songwriter takes us backstage and on the road in this artful documentary.

Aisha Dee stars in upcoming Australian horror Sissy. Image: LevelK

Best horror movies in Australia 2022

Nine exceptional homegrown and international horrors coming to a scream, sorry, screen, near you.

Image from 'I'm Wanita' documentary

Film Review: 'I'm Wanita' isn't just another 'Star is Born' story

Matthew Walker's award-winning documentary follows a one-woman hurricane as she sings her way to Nashville.

Carlo Ledesma & Steve Davis, The Tunnel

Film Review: The Tunnel - The Other Side of Darkness

An out-of-the-box independent Australian horror movie from 2011 gets a welcome but unexpected making-of documentary ten years later.

Franco di Cozzo in Palazzo Di Cozzo

Film Review: Palazzo Di Cozzo celebrates Melbourne institution

This documentary about Melbourne furniture tycoon Franco Cozzo treads lightly but entertains. Megalo!

Peter Tatchell. Image courtesy Wildbear Entertainment.

Film Review: Hating Peter Tatchell is a vital look at LGBTIQ history

Glenn Dunks finds lots to love in this documentary now available in Australia and New Zealand on Netflix.

Levi Miller in Streamline

Film Review: Streamline on Stan goes for gold

Tyson Wade Johnston's strong debut explores the weight of expectations placed on young Australian swimmers.

Tiriki Onus in Ablaze

MIFF Film Review: Ablaze reframes our artistic past with affection and passion

Ablaze utilises incredible archival footage to redress the gaps of the Australian artistic industry’s shameful and largely un-interrogated past.