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Metro: Centrally located tape stock and duplication store

Metro Screen provides an extensive range of professional tape formats for all your shooting, mastering and duplication needs. Metro Screen…

Company Announcements

Nine: Twisted television for new writers

Now this we love. New Aussie dramas. New Aussie writers. Marquee actors. An anthology instead of a soapie serial. You…

Company Announcements

Seven: McKenney may be right host

Seven is jumping on the ABC panel bandwagon with Todd McKenney as host of a celebrity nostalgia quiz show.

Company Announcements

CellTales: 3rd mobile phone development workshop

Metro Screen is offering a five day digital storytelling workshop ‘CellTales’ August 23 – September 4 . Be taught how…

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Sydney filmmaker Mick Elliott’s no-budget claymation short RICHARD has been selected to screen in the prestigious Rushes Soho Shorts Festival,…

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Foxtel: New stand-up series airing 5 nights a week

Comedian Cameron Knight will host a new live audience stand-up series promising big name Aussie jokers.


Ratings Week 30

Thanks to its powerhouse Sunday shows Nine has taken out the weekly ratings, just nudging rival Seven by a sole…

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ABC and Screenwest: hunting for ideas

ABC TV and ScreenWest last night announced a new initiative to co-finance a 4 x 30 minute series for one…

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OPEN CHANNEL - September Courses Hard To Resist

There are some decisions in life you can leave until the last minute - but enrolling in one of our…

Company Announcements

OPEN CHANNEL - August Courses Commence on the 5th

What are you waiting for? You could be learning about the film industry by enrolling today in one of our…

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