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Book review: Did I Ever Tell You This?, Sam Neill

The New Zealand star has over 150 acting credits and his memoir makes it obvious why people just keep on…

A woman hold a book over her face with a stack of books to one side

TV review: Books That Made Us

This ABC and Blackfella Films production tries to get books back on the box but focuses too much on celebrity.


Book Review: Goodbye, Dragon Inn by Nick Pinkerton

The first Decadent Edition from Fireflies Press is a beautifully produced and thoughtful essay from a prolific and eloquent critic.…


Tomorrow's Parties

Despite an interesting premise and solid performances, Tomorrow's Parties dystopic visions limit the emotional pull.


She Only Barks at Night

An eerie and unsettling evening, featuring a live horse, a dead cat, and a French doctor.


The Darkside

Director and cinematographer Warwick Thornton is open in his embrace of the darkside.


Maa (The Mother)

Maa (The Mother) is a courageous attempt to deal with female subjugation and poverty in Indian society.


Computer Chess

At first glance, Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess seems simple, charting the unglamorous battle of man and machine.