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Tyler Bern, Que Minh Luu, Amanda Duthie

Fast-tracking new Australian projects to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Stan

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and Screen Australia have announced a new Pitch on Demand initiative.

Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths in Total Control season 2

TV Review: Total Control S2 brings real anger to political drama

Even stronger in its second second season, the ABC's 'Total Control' is a complex and satisfying political thriller, says Mel…

Film still from Bad Luck Banging and Loony Porn

Film Review: Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn is one of the year's best

Adrian Martin celebrates the virtues of the vulgar in this unique and deeply intellectual Romanian film.

A woman hold a book over her face with a stack of books to one side

TV review: Books That Made Us

This ABC and Blackfella Films production tries to get books back on the box but focuses too much on celebrity.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Film Review: Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi's award-winning Japanese drama explores the power of conversation in three separate but connected stories.


TV Review: The Back Side of Television shows up Oz TV trash

Creator and host Mitch McTaggart has no reverence for Australian TV history and finds comedy in the rubbish.

Franco di Cozzo in Palazzo Di Cozzo

Film Review: Palazzo Di Cozzo celebrates Melbourne institution

This documentary about Melbourne furniture tycoon Franco Cozzo treads lightly but entertains. Megalo!

Daniel Craig in No Time To Die

Review: No Time to Die is a victory lap

Daniel Craig's final turn as Bond sets the bar high for the next guy, says Anthony Morris.

Here Out West film review

Film Review: Here Out West is more than diverse

The anthology film by CALD writers and directors, offers Sydney characters that are grounded and real.

The Rescue documentary review

Film Review: The Rescue is thrilling and inspiring

Expanding on a familiar news story, this documentary is staggering in its detail and insights, says Michael Mirasol.

Just some of the cast of Eternals. via Disney.

Film Review: Eternals is a sombre slog

A large cast, a huge scale and a classy director doesn't necessarily make for a fun marvel movie, says Anthony…

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