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2024 Oscars: Best Documentary nominees

From 20 Days in Mariupol to The Eternal Memory – your guide to the nominees for Best Documentary at the…


Antenna Documentary Film Festival: 10 films we're excited to see

The Antenna Documentary Film Festival has the latest and greatest docos to feast your eyes on this Feb.

Documentary. Image is a group of women in a small filming studio, with two sitting in chairs facing each other and another behind a film camera.

Documentary filmmaking classes for the Bold and Beautiful

A series of workshops specifically for women and gender diverse people aged over 40 exemplifies the agency of human involvement.


Irish Film Festival Australia launches 2023 program

Doing justice to the cinematic output of a entire nation is ‘very challenging,’ says Irish Film Festival Australia Festival Director…


Melbourne Documentary Film Festival program picks

The 8th edition of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival kicks off on 1 July 2023, with a plethora of iconic…


Director and star talk Watandar: My Countryman – 'Today's Australia is not something that came from the sky'

Watandar: My Countryman is a new documentary by Jolyon Hoff that reveals the untold story of Afghan cameleers in 19th…


Richard Bell on ‘You Can Go Now’ documentary

Following five decades of activism and art, the artist is now the subject of a new documentary.


Alan Cumming in Australia: ‘I’m quite a mess, and I think that’s why people like me'

A stage show and a new film mean Australian audiences will get a double serving of Scotland's most mercurially mischievous…


Ningla-A'na 'Aboriginal Embassy' doco gets new cinema release for 50th anniversary

50 years on, a landmark Australian Aboriginal documentary is being re-released in high definition for modern audiences.


Royal legacy: 10 films about Queen Elizabeth II & the monarchy (that you should watch)

Prompted by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, here are 10 films about the British royal line and its endeavors…

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