Windcatcher: new Jessica Mauboy family film on Stan – trailer released

Windcatcher follows two children banding together to take the sports day title from a group of bullies.
Jessica Mauboy as character Aunty Cressida. Close up of her concerned face. She wears a firefighter's uniform.

The trailer for Windcatcher, a new Stan family feature starring Jessica Mauboy, has been released.

Set in a small country town, the Stan Original Film Windcatcher follows the unlikely friendship between Percy Boy, newcomer Keithy Cobb and the spirited Daisy Hawkins, as they band together to take the local school sports day title from a group of grade five bullies. 

But as Percy Boy trains with the help of his mates, he then discovers his supernatural ability to see ‘Lost Souls’ – a gift passed down from his grandfather. In Windcatcher, Percy Boy must overcome his fears, prove his resilience and become a force to be reckoned with.

Watch the trailer below:

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Windcatcher also marks Jessica Mauboy’s first return to the big screen since The Sapphires (2012).

Written by Boyd Quakawoot (SBlack Comedy) and directed by Tanith Glynn-Maloney Finding Jedda), Lennox Monaghan is joined by Max Turner (F.A.N.G (From A Nearby Galaxy)), Coco Greenstone (I Am Woman), Kelton Pell (Mystery Road: Origin), Pia Miranda (Looking for Alibrandi), Ngali Shaw (The Twelve), Jessica McNamee (Mortal Kombat) and Lisa Maza (Wentworth). 

The Stan Original Film Windcatcher is Stan’s first co-commission with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation since their landmark partnership, with major production investment from Screen Australia, ACTF and in association with VicScreen.

Windcatcher premieres on 28 March on Stan.

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