Sonic outsmarts Dumbledore in the Anzac box office battle

The kids rolled into the cinemas, allowing Sonic the Hedgehog and The Bad Guys to pick up the Easter slack.
Make a spiny mammal disappear? Not sure I've got a spell for that. Image: Warner Bros.

First up, When the Camera Stopped Rolling was launched across last weekend in a very select run. The three public screens recorded all of $3,300. It is an exquisite film, packs a solid emotional wallop, is never simplistic and is totally Australian. None of your ‘made for the world’ muck here – with a passion for the sea, exquisite cinematography, magic soundscape and glowing home movies, it is very much an expression of the Sydney documentary community over the last 50 years. It will continue to have a trickle of screenings over the next while. And you can read an interview with the director – and daughter of the film’s subject, the pioneering Australian filmmaker Lilias Fraser – here:

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