Love is in the Air with Delta Goodrem hits number 2 globally for Netflix

The romcom has been seen more than 11.7 million times on the platform since its release last Thursday.

The new Netflix romcom starring Delta Goodrem as a pilot for non-profit air service, Fullerton Airways, in Queensland has been seen more than 11.7 million times on the platform since its release last Thursday, according to Netflix, placing it at #2 in the global Top 10 and #3 in Australia’s Top 10.

As Anthony Morris wrote for ScreenHub last week:

Originality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes you want a story to be soothingly predictable, so you can just enjoy the familiar rhythms. Fresh twists or memorable developments become a drawback; you want to know what you’re getting into and come out the other side having got exactly that. If that sounds like a good deal, you’re ready for Love is in the Air.

Shot on location in the Whitsundays and starring Delta Goodrem, this Netflix rom-com is the dictionary definition of comfort viewing. There is no point during this film where you will be in the slightest bit surprised by anything going on; don’t worry about getting near the edge of your seat, you’ll be relaxing back against the cushions for the entire thing. Does this make it a bad film? Not in the slightest.

Love is in the Air review: Delta Goodrem delivers top comfort viewing

Shot on location in the Whitsundays, Love is in the Air is the latest Australian story to feature in the Netflix Top 10 with Season 2 of Surviving Summer recently landing at #7 in the global Top 10.

Other Australian productions recently featured in the Top 10 include hits Fisk, Run Rabbit Run, Wellmania, True Spirit, The Stranger and Heartbreak High.

In her review of Surviving Summer Season 2 for ScreenHub, Mel Campbell wrote:

In case it’s not yet clear, Surviving Summer has torn away my critical distance like a Frosty Fruits wrapper on a January scorcher. I’d be raving about it to my mates at school, if my high-school days weren’t (mumblemumble) years ago.

It’s determinedly escapist and full of committed performances – even though the characters have frankly absurd names like Griff Temple (Mitchell Hardaker), Tuscany Bray (Emmanuelle Mattana) … and this season’s pink-haired, nose-pierced bad boy, Baxter Radic (Josh MacQueen). (‘Don’t be an anti-Baxxter!’ he says to Summer, as I screeched with mirth.)

Surviving Summer Season 2: making all the right waves

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Directed by Adrian Powers, Love is in the Air also stars Joshua Sasse, Steph Tisdell, Roy Billing Watch Love Is In The Air Trailer.

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