Bump: final season starts production in Sydney

Stan's Bump is back for its final season, with production currently underway in Sydney.
The cast of Stan's Bump. Image: Stan

Stan’s original drama series Bump is currently filming its fifth and final season in Sydney.

After a time-jump at the end of Season 2, season 3 and 4 jumped forward again – this time by two years. Oly’s became the family’s breadwinner, and Santi’s the unhappy stay-at-home dad.

It’s been confirmed that Season 5 will have both flashbacks and flash-forwards. In a press release sent out in the early morning, Stan said:

‘Jumping through past and present, the Chalmers-Davis family are tackling the never-ending hurdles life seems to throw their way as they face Angie’s (Claudia Karvan) diagnosis, while also trying to celebrate the joy of Oly’s (Nathalie Morris) second pregnancy.’

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We Were Dangerous‘ Nathalie Morris and Ladies in Black‘s Carlos Sanson Jr. will return in season five, along with Ava Cannon and the entire Chalmers-Davis family including Claudia Karvan, Angus Sampson and Christian Byers.

The series will also feature Ioane Sa’ula (The Fall Guy), Safia Arain (House of Gods), Paula Garcia (Thirteen Lives), Claudia de Giusti, along with Steph Tisdell (Class of 07), Dylan Alcott (Bump S3), Anita Hegh (Total Control), Ryan Johnson (The Claremont Murders), Matilda Ridgway (Disclosure), Oscar Leal (Black Snow), Henrietta Amevor (Bump S2, S3, S4), Miguel Andrade (Bump S1-S4), and Alex Sanson.

In addition, Stan has announced a promotional competition for a fan to win a walk-on role in the final season.

The series is co-created by Kelsey Munro and Claudia Karvan, with the returning Stan Original Series Bump writing team consisting of Nick Coyle (Wellmania), Timothy Lee (Mystery Road), and Shanti Gudgeon (Wolf Creek). 

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Nathalie Morris will make her Bump writing debut in the upcoming season five, and the series will be directed by Margie Beattie, Rebecca O’Brien and Ismail Khan. Stan’s Executive Producers on the show are Cailah Scobie and Donna Chang.

Bump is produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond and its founders Dan Edwards (Romper Stomper) and John Edwards (Love My Way) along with Claudia Karvan (Love My Way) and Kelsey Munro (Year Of).

The Stan Original Series Bump is financed with the assistance of Screen NSW. ITV Studios is managing international sales.

The release date of Bump – Season 5 is yet to be confirmed.

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