Lockdown well and truly takes hold of the Australian Box Office

The virus has now really whacked the cinemas again. Jungle Cruise is box office victim number one.
Actors in jungle

This is truly a dead week at the box office, and we are lucky there are no new Australian releases to go down in a heap.

Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise opened this week, not even on a huge number of screens. 243 suburban locations gets you $1.57 million in a weekend. That is the only film to clear a million.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is at number two with $880,000 which is a rise of 11%, to take the third week total to $10.8 million.

The utterly brutal drop last week has actually recovered a little. Black Widow in its fourth weekend rose by 8% to reach $780,000 and $12.5 million altogether. M. Night Shyamalan’s Old took $501,000 in week three to harvest all of $1.09 million.

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Fast and Furious 9 reminds us of what might have been with a total of $21 million taken over 7 weeks with a grand total of $121,000 this weekend, down 22%.

In North America

Top of the US box office is also Jungle Cruise with $47 million, followed by Old with $6.9 million last weekend, with epic medieval fantasy flick The Green Knight opening on $6.7 million. Black Widow is keeping afloat on $5 million, amidst its lead, Scarlett Johansson, taking legal action against the House of Mouse for the film’s release strategy.

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