What happened to 3D movies?

Remember Avatar and the mini-boom of 3D films? We ask the industry how things changed in the last decade, for better and worse.

Eleven years ago, 3D was the buzzword on everyone’s lips. The massively expensive gamble of James Cameron’s Avatar had paid off, becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time.

As studios jumped on the bandwagon, producers, big and small, scrambled to add a 3D release to their list of deliverables. Exhibitors cast out their 2D projection systems in favour of the new technology and home entertainment retail staff found themselves with a new sales pitch. 3D would be the future of everything, and the end of piracy.

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Markus Stone
About the Author
Markus Stone is a filmmaker who has worked as Head of Department on features, television and documentary. Having done everything from writing, directing, editing, stereography and composing, he currently spends most of his time trying to do them all at once.