Such Brave Girls, Stan – streaming preview

The BAFTA-nominated comedy series about a trio of dysfunctional women is written and created by its star, Kat Sadler.
Such Brave Girls. Image: Stan

What is this?

Such Brave Girls is a 2023 dysfunctional family sitcom from the UK. It follows sisters Josie (creator Kat Sadler) and Billie (played by Kat’s real-life sister, Lizzie Davidson) and their single mother Deb (Louise Brealey), navigating life armed with nothing but poor judgement and self-esteem exclusively tied to people who couldn’t care less about them.

As per the blurb, ‘They’re vain, selfish, heavily in debt, pathologically desperate for affection and bursting with misplaced, terrifying love’.

Who stars in Such Brave Girls?

Kat Sadler, Lizzie Davidson and Louise Brealey, as well as Paul Bazely, Sam Buchanan, and Freddie Meredith.

Who’s the director?

Simon Bird directed all six episodes. He’s best known for his acting in The Inbetweeners but also directed the series Ellie and Natasia. Bird wrote to Sadler asking to direct the series after watching the 2021 pilot episode, with Sadler and Bird agreeing to keep the series as a comedy rather than veer towards comedy-drama. Marco Alessi is also credited for one episode.

Who wrote the show?

Such brave girls is created and written by Kat Sadler, who describes herself on Instagram as writing ‘comedy for mentally unwell people’. Sadler’s previous credits include Frankie Boyle’s New World Order and Tell Me Everything.

She has said, ‘Ultimately the show is a family sitcom about trauma, but it’s more about us being narcissistic losers who are pathetically obsessed with what people think about us.’

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What’s the country of origin?

United Kingdom.

Where was Such Brave Girls filmed?

Filming took place across Merseyside in North West England, with filming locations including The Wirral and Knowsley

How many episodes?

There are six, 25-minute episodes in this series.

What’s the production company?

The series was commissioned by Jon Petrie, director of BBC Comedy and Fiona Campbell, controller of BBC Three. The executive producers are Kat Sadler, Phil Clarke, Jack Bayles and Helen Williams for Various Artists Ltd in association with A24. 

Who’s the producer?

Catherine Gosling Fuller.

Show me the trailer:


Why do we want to watch it?

Mostly because the trailer made us laugh out loud and it looks gutsy and funny and it’s female-led. The series is also nominated for three BAFTA TV Awards, including Best Scripted Comedy. The Guardian called it ‘brave – singular, fresh, scabrous and unflinching’, while The Hollywood Reporter said, ‘The key feature of Such Brave Girls is that it very actively wants to make you laugh, and the insults and one-liners crackle with self-lacerating cleverness’.

Where and when can I watch Such Brave Girls?

All episodes premiere on Stan on 18 April.

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