SBS On Demand: new shows streaming March 2024

From Alone Australia Season 2 to Babylon Berlin – the best new shows to stream on SBS this month.
Alone Australia – Season 2 participants. L-R: Rick, Mike, Leanne, Chace, Suzan, Tamika, Krzysztof, Andreas, Jack, Jason. Image: SBS.

Your guide to the best new shows and films streaming free on SBS on Demand this month.

1 March


Darkly comic drama series set in Long Marsh men’s prison in the UK, following officers Leigh Henry and Rose Gill – both of whom have secrets seemingly at odds with their roles as prison guards. Starring Nina Sosanya and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.

6 March

Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr. Michael Mosley

A new three-part series in which chronic insomniac Dr. Mosley joins some Australia’s worst sleepers on a pioneering eight-week sleep treatment program run by the Flinders University Sleep Institute.

7 March

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy – Season 2

Tucci is back to share his passion for Italian cooking, make our mouths water, and meet some of the people behind the country’s famed cuisine.

The Vanishing Triangle

Series. When journalist Lisa Wallace writes an article about her mother’s murder, two decades earlier, it seems to lead to the disappearance of another young woman, then several more. Working with Detective David Burkely, Wallace travels around Ireland to investigate the disappearances. Based on a true story.

10 March

Remarkable Places to Eat – Season 3

Celebrated chefs and food lovers share their secrets on the best places in the world to eat. Fred Sirieix is joined by a special guest in each episode.

11 March

Ten Year Old Tom – Seasons 1 & 2

Animated comedy series in which ten-year-old Tom tries to avoid being corrupted by the adult world all around him. Voice actors include John Malkovich, Gillian Jacobs and Jennifer Coolidge.

14 March

Babylon Berlin – Seasons 1-4

Acclaimed German series, set in Berlin 1929 – a place and time of radical upheaval and change. Part noir, part spy thriller, part historical drama, based on the Gereon Rath novels by Volter Kutsher. Starring Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries and Peter Kurth.

21 March

Sisi – Season 3

The return of the historical drama in which Sisi frees her nine-year old son, crown prince Rudolf, from his military training, ordered against her will. To protect him, the empress chooses the path with the largest resistance and turns her back on the imperial palace. Starring Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann.

25 March

Mastermind – Season 6

Marc Fennell returns as quizmaster for this new season, facing would-be champions in the fabled Mastermind chair, who race the clock to answer as many questions as possible on their chosen specialist subject.

27 March


Litvinenko. Image: SBS.

Four-part drama based on the true story of the police investigation into the poisoning of the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Starring David Tennant and Mark Bonnar.

Alone Australia – Season 2

Ten Australian survivalists are dropped into the extreme and wild terrain of New Zealand’s South Island in the second, ten-espisode instalment of the hit reality series.

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28 March

Börje: The Journey of a Legend

Six-part drama series inspired by the remarkable true story of 1970s Swedish hockey legend Börje Salming, affectionately known as The King in Canada, where he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Starring Valter Skarsgård and Hedda Stiernstedt.

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