SBS On Demand: new shows streaming April 2024

From Swift Street to Fallen – your guide to the best shows to stream on SBS On Demand this month.

4 April


Fallen. Image: SBS.

Series. This Swedish Nordic Noir reuinites The Bridge screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt and its star Sofia Helin. After a personal tragedy, Iris Broman (Helin) moves from Stockholm to the southern town of Ystad, where she becomes the head of the Kalla Fall, a group solving cold cases in Malmö.

In the Name of Love

Series. This comedy-drama from Bård Breien, set in 1970s Norway, is inspired by Breien’s unconventional upbringing. Primary-school teacher Anne-Lise Bang (Maria Bonnevie) is at pains to keep her husband Lars (Trond Espen Seim)’s profitable porn business a secret, while Lars considers his unconventional line of work a kind of social protest.

7 April

A Cotswold Farmshop

Series. In the Gloucester Service Station, serving the M5 motorway in England, there’s a family run business with shelves stacked with goods from local famers, food producers and artisan crafters. This series follows the stories behind these items and the people who make the services station unique.

11 April


Juice. Image: SBS.

Series. A surreal British comedy from the mind of actor and comedian Mawaan Rizwan. We follow Jamma (Rizwan) on his quest for attention as he navigates chaotic family dynamics and stumbles through love. When his emotions peak, the world transforms around him on this trippy joyride through family life and romance.

15 April


Series. After Sam and Tracy Amin attend a tense meeting at their daughter’s school, Tracy is tragically killed by an ice-cream-van. Egyptian-Irish Sam must raise his three daughters with some support from his Egyptian father and Irish mother-in-law, and his narcissistic half-brother. A comedic and insightful look at multicultural Ireland.

23 April

Travel Man – Season 12

Alan Davies and Joe Lycett in Travel Man – Season 12. Image: SBS.

A quartet of minibreaks starting in Trieste, where Alan Davies accompanies Joe Lycett for 48 hours in northern Italy. After that, the guests are Desiree Birch in Finnish Lapland; comedian and podcaster Adam Buxton in Prague; and comedian Jessica Fostekew in Lanzarote.

24 April

Swift Street

Series. An urban heist-escapade set in inner-city Melbourne following street-smart 21-year-old s Elsie (Tanzyn Crawford), who joins forces with her father, Robert (Cliff Curtis), to get him out of a $26,000 debt and save him from a merciless crime boss (Eliza Matengu). The unlikely pair embark on a crime spree while navigating their complicated relationship. Along the way, Elsie also has to navigate her relationship with high school sweetheart Tatenda (Alfred Chuol), her growing attraction to Aisha (Bernie Van Tiel) and deal with an unexpected revelation about her new friend Tom (Keiynan Lonsdale).  

25 April

Sophie Grigson: Slice of Italy – Season 1 & 2

Food writer Sophie Grigson turned her back on life in the UK, packed up her car and headed to southern Italy. It’s a dream for so many people. This series features local characters, delicious food, beautiful landscapes and glorious summer food as Sophie prepares to get swept off her feet in in Puglia, Italy.

Paul Dalgarno is author of the novels A Country of Eternal Light (2023) and Poly (2020); the memoir And You May Find Yourself (2015); and the creative non-fiction book Prudish Nation (2023). He was formerly Deputy Editor of The Conversation and joined ScreenHub as Managing Editor in 2022. X: @pauldalgarno. Insta: @dalgarnowrites