Prime Video: new shows streaming in November 2023

From 007: Road to a Million to Comedy Island: Japan, here are the November highlights for Prime Video.

Have a Prime Video account but don’t know what to watch? Here’s our guide to the best shows and films coming to the platform in Australia this month.

2 Nov

Knuckle Girl (2023)

A promising female boxer risks her life to rescue her sister from a criminal underworld gang. Stars Ayaka Miyoshi.

3 Nov

Invincible – Season 2

The return of the animated series for adults about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

Romancero – Season 1

Cornelia and Jordan flee from powerful supernatural creatures … and even from themselves.

8 Nov

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)

Animated film in which Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence.

9 Nov

Comedy Island: Indonesia – Season 1

Comedians in Indonesia take part in bizarre role-playing games to amuse the local inhabitants.

BTS Yet To Come

Showcasing the band’s massive free show at Busan’s World Expo in October, with more than 50,000 people in the audience.

10 Nov

007: Road To A Million – Season 1

Nine pairs of everyday people are unleashed on an epic global adventure through a series of Bond-inspired challenges, for a shot at winning a life-changing £1,000,000 prize. Stars Brian Cox.

12 Nov

Big George Foreman (2023)

Khris Davis and Jasmine Mathews star in this film about the former World Heavyweight champion.

14 Nov

Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl 

This comedy special sees Wallace discuss male birth control, smoking oregano, his distinctive birds-and-bees talk, and the worst thing you could ever order on a date.

17 Nov

Twin Love – Season 1

Ten sets of twins are divided into two houses with identical casts, where they will start a search for love.

22 Nov

Comedy Island: Japan – Season 1

Popular comedians arrive on a mysterious, and cursed, island, and must prove their improvisation skills while facing unexpected challenges. 

24 Nov

Of An Age (2022)

In 1999, a 17-year-old Serbian-born Australian amateur ballroom dancer embarks on an unexpected 24-hour romance with a friend’s older brother. By director Goran Stolevski.

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