Paramount+: new films and shows streaming December 2023

From Paper Dolls to The Lady And The Legend, here's your December guide for what to watch on Paramount+.

Have a Paramount+ account but don’t know what to watch? Let our highlights package for the month help you out.

1 Dec

Heist 88

Inspired by true events, Heist 88 is a film centred on Jeremy Horne, the criminal mastermind with an innate ability to convince anyone to do just about anything and who decides to pull one last job before going to prison. The story takes place in a time before widespread computerisation and the cybersecurity of today. 

2 Dec

Thriller 40

This new music documentary marks 40 years since the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – the best-selling album of all time worldwide. Director Nelson George takes fans back in time to experience the making of the record-breaking album and the release of the accompanying short films that forever redefined the music video format.

3 Dec

Paper Dolls

In this new series underdog Izzy James (Emalia) gets an offer she can’t refuse from Millennium International Music’s ruthless Head of Marketing. But it’s not the solo gig Izzy was chasing. Instead, she’s offered a spot in the label’s manufactured reality TV music group, HARLOW – the day before their first live performance.

6 Dec

Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too?

Rush bassist Geddy Lee travels to the homes of some of music’s most renowned bass players and digs into the stories that make these musicians stand out. The new four-part series features episodes with Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Les Claypool (Primus), Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) and Rob Trujillo (Metallica). 

7 Dec

The Envoys (Season 2)

Priests Pedro Salinas and Simón Antequera delve into a web of mystery and murder in a Galician convent. With three blind nuns bearing witness to a supposed miracle, the battle between lies and faith escalates.

9 Dec

Baby Shark’s Big Movie

In this animated feature, Baby Shark is forced to leave behind the world he loves after his family’s move to the big city and must adjust to his new life without his best friend William. When Baby Shark encounters an evil pop starfish named Stariana, who plans to steal his gift of song in order to dominate all underwater music, he must break her spell to restore harmony to the seas.

13 Dec

The Lady and the Legend

The Lady And The Legend. Image: Network 10/ Paramount+.

A film commemorating Tony Bennett’s illustrious career and his decade-long musical journey with Lady Gaga. The documentary is an intimate and unique portrayal of their extraordinary collaboration and a realistic view into Bennett’s last days.

14 Dec

80 For Brady

Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field star in this ‘hilarious and heartfelt comedy inspired by a true story of friendship and adventure’.

15 Dec

Big Boys (Season 1)

This British television sitcom stars Dylan Llewellyn and Jon Pointing as first-year university students who live together, set in 2013, told from the point of view of the character Jack as he recovers from his father’s death and explores his sexuality for the first time.

16 Dec


A film about two brothers (Ben Foster and Toby Wallace), raised in different worlds, who are reunited as adults over a fateful summer. Set against the backdrop of commercial fishing, the story takes on high stakes when desperate circumstances force the brothers to strike a deal with a violent Boston crime gang.

20 Dec

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan (Season 4)

Dylan continues to explore his art and his adolescence as he leans on his cousins and learns from his aunt and uncle.

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